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Courageously expressing your thoughts and ideas, being willing to receive the criticism and sometimes intense disagreement of others, is what defines many heroic acts. The ability to give clarity to what you believe in, communicating and promoting your views through books and articles, can truly teach others what heroism is through example.

One of the most important vehicles for writing books and articles is MS Word, the premiere word-processing program on the market. Most people who use computers for their writing use MS Word. Many people, however, can be intimidated by word-processing programs, even MS Word. The good news is that there is a writing software program that makes it easier to use MS Word. Literally, it can make you a wizard of Word, and it is aptly called Wizards For Word.

Wizards For Word automatically formats and fixes your manuscript, generates headers, footers, footnotes, page layouts, plus more, and helps speed up the writing and editing process, saving you time, money, and big headaches.

When you install Wizards For Word, it automatically becomes a part of MS Word, inserting wizards into the menu of Word that simplify and improve the process of writing just about anything that you want to write in Word.

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The makers of Wizards for Word also put out a luxury version of the software called Cheetaah Software, which includes wizards for e-book and print-on-demand publishing in addition to all the features of the standard Wizards for Word program.

Wizards for Word Book-Writing Software is available at… Our Shop at The Hero Wisdom Store

Wizards For Word works on all Windows or MAC systems.

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