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Hero Wisdom about heroism, heroes, hero stories, and the Hero’s Journey throughout history and its use for personal and professional self-development
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Whether you want to create hero stories, write your life story, build career success, celebrate life heroes, meet challenges, handle past trauma, or just understand what makes a heroic journey — this is the place to find the tools & wisdom to accomplish it all and share your wisdom with others on their own hero journeys.


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Enter the Hero Tools Portal to access hero-story writing software, Life Coach resources, Classes, Seminars, Curricula, Videos and other Tools for everything from Writing Hero’s Journeys to becoming more Heroic.

The Hero Tools portal takes you to great resources, such as StoryCraft Hero Story Writers Software – for writing stories, novels and screenplays using the Hero’s Journey concept for telling stories of triumph and challenge, whether based on your personal life or purely fictional events.

Enter the Hero Organizations Portal to discover organizations devoted to recognizing and developing heroes around the world.

The Hero Organizations portal reveals the work of great organizations, such as Giraffe Heroes Project, which celebrates and commemorates those who “stick their neck out” in service to others and has a massive ongoing, online Giraffe Heroes Database.

Enter the Hero Wisdom Portal to access wisdom about heroes and heroism and the ways of applying the Hero’s Journey to story writing as well as handling life’s challenges and creating personal and career success — from Bloggers, Websites, and other sources of Advice and Inspiration in multiple fields and endeavors.

The Hero Wisdom portal takes you to the wisdom of thinkers and writers, such as Writing Coach Skip Press, who has adapted the ideas of Joseph Campbell and Chris Vogler to mentor in the creation of movie scripts based on the Hero’s Journey paradigm.

Enter Your Heroes Portal to locate and submit stories about real-life heroes in history, in your community and around the world as told in websites, video, art, scripts and more.

Your Heroes portal shows you how to commemorate your personal heroes, for instance with sculpture of heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr., presented by a contributor to MyHero.com’s Art-Sculpture galleries of heroes.



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Check out other powerful hero resources at your Hero Portals, including Hero Tools (such as StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software), Hero Wisdom (such as that of script-writing coach Skip Press), and Hero Organizations (such as the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes). Also, search or submit to hero databases (such as hero-story databases) from around the Internet in the Your Heroes section of Hero Portals.

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