THE HERO’S JOURNEY: PATH OF TRANSFORMATION is Reg Harris’s Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide


The Hero’s Journey: The Path of Transformation: This is our 218-page, comprehensive guide to teaching the journey with up to seven weeks of lessons (which can be broken up throughout the year). With it you do not need any of the supplements. You will also receive a lesson plan for teaching the journey in five days and our 66-page The Hero’s Journey: Five Supplementary Projects, which contains five additional projects from our original, award-winning guide.
The Path of Transformation also includes all the following:
Basic Teaching Guides

        The Hero’s Journey in Five Days: This 84-page guide is our week-long plan for teaching the basic journey pattern.

        The Hero’s Journey: Teaching the Basics: This 118-page guide includes lessons for two to four weeks. It includes “Ritual and Rites of Passage.”
Supplements to the Basic Guides

        The Call Refused: Evoking the Shadow Journey: This 48-page teaching guide supplements The Hero’s Journey: Teaching the Basics and The Hero’s Journey in Five Days.

        The Legend of the Buddha: A Spiritual Hero’s Journey: This 36-page guide is a one- or two-day supplement to The Hero’s Journey in Five Days and The Hero’s Journey: Teaching the Basics.
Teacher Resource
Campbell’s Monomyth: The Quest of the Mythic Hero: This is a teaching resource, not a lesson plan. It analyzes Campbell’s monomyth, its 17 stages, its weaknesses and offers an eight-stage version of the monomyth that is easier to teach, but that still contains all of Campbell’s original elements.

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