Teaching With the Hero’s Journey Taps Into the Ways the Brain Processes Experience

From: http://www.yourheroicjourney.com/the-journey-as-a-learning-schema/
“The Journey and Brain-Based Teaching” and “How the Hero’s Journey Aids Learning”

Reg Harris explains that the Hero’s Journey framework is a schema that fits into the way that brains process experience. He points out that the Hero’s Journey can be a powerful tool for helping students not only understand the stories of literature and film but also to see how those stories relate to the challenges of their own lives. This is because, according to Harris, teaching the Journey is compatible with what brain researchers have discovered about “how memory works and how the brain processes information.” Specifically, Harris shows how using the Hero’s Journey taps into the brain’s need for relevance and emotion, allows students to “chunk” and “clump” information, and makes the study of literature “relevant to real life.”

Click here and here to access these two articles at Reg Harris’s yourheroicjourney.com website.

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