The Hero’s Journey in Modern Screenwriting

The hero’s journey structure is widely applied to stories in modern screenwriting, especially because of the work of Chris Vogler, who promoted its use in cinema. The concept has also been adapted to writing software in the StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software. Here is a video of one of screenwriting coach Skip Press’s lectures on screenwriting and the hero’s journey:

Skip Press on Screenwriting and the Hero's Journey and Elliott Wave in the Arts and Sciences

Skip utilizes the Hero’s Journey in his work, and he has coached and been mentor to thousands. He has also written several screenplays as well as authored best-selling books on screenwriting and writing generally, including How to Write What You Want and Sell What You Write.

See also: Hero Tools > StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software; and Hero Wisdom > Chris Vogler; Joseph Campbell; John Jarvis; Hero’s Journey.

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