Submit Hero Audio, Including MyHero’s Multiple Audio Categories

[pinned] From the “Submit Hero Audio” category of TheHeroPlace’s Your Heroes portal, you can access hero-related organizations’ websites for submitting audio of hero narratives, stories, oral histories, poetry, or music about your real-life heroes. (For searching hero audio, see Search Hero Audio.)

Note: To submit biographical information about your hero (hero stories), as well as to learn about general projects for collecting hero stories in varied genres (audio, film, video, poetry, music, etc.), see also Submit Your Heroes.

THE MyHero SONGWRITING CONTEST OFFERS MULTIPLE AUDIO CATEGORIES TO WHICH YOU CAN SUBMIT AS WELL AS GUIDANCE FOR CREATING AUDIO has song-writing contests in multiple genres (Music, Narrative, Poetry, Music/Songs, etc.) as well as great resources for creating audio.


“Teachers, students and professional songwriters create and share music, poetry and stories about heroes and the concept of heroism. Join our growing global learning community with some words or music about your hero! Register at to upload original hero-themed songs, stories, and poems to MY HERO Audio.”

My Hero org Song Contests

“MY HERO Song Contest
MY HERO and Guitars in the Classroom also sponsor a Hero Song Contest where categories of students and professionals share their hero tunes! Learn more about the song contest at .
Here’s some of the criteria to keep in mind for the contest:

Highlighting a HERO
Does the song tell the story of a real hero? Does it foster planet conscious ideas and action?

Using language to creatively share a concept or idea celebrating heroism. Do the words inspire others with their beauty, clarity, creativity and accuracy?

Do you like the tune? Is it memorable?

Can teachers, students and others successfully play and accompany the song with guitar and ukulele?

Is the song musically accessible and engaging? Can children successfully learn and sing it well?

Can students easily memorize the song and sing it by heart?”


Video on How to create audio through the My Hero Create website:

Check out other powerful hero resources at TheHeroPlace, including Hero Tools (such as StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software), Hero Wisdom (such as that of script-writing coach Skip Press), and Hero Organizations (such as Giraffe Heroes). Also, search or submit to other hero databases (such as hero-film/video databases) in the Your Heroes section of TheHeroPlace.

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