Submit Hero Art

From the “Submit Hero Art” category of TheHeroPlace’s Your Heroes portal, you can access hero-related organizations’ websites for submitting artwork about your real-life heroes. (For searching hero art, see Search Hero Art.)

Note: To submit biographical information about your hero (hero stories), as well as to learn about general projects for collecting hero stories in varied genres (audio, film, video, poetry, music, etc.), see also Submit Your Heroes.

Submitting to My Hero’s Art Gallery


“Our gallery features artworks dedicated to the theme of heroism. All of our art programs and content are curated to exhibit professional and student art and to reflect the unique traits of heroes from all walks of life.
        Once you have selected your hero to be represented and you have decided upon the medium that best illustrates your concept, follow the prompts in the Gallery Flyer and the Art Tutorial.”

Register here to submit your art work.

Check out other powerful hero resources at TheHeroPlace, including Hero Tools (such as StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software), Hero Wisdom (such as that of script-writing coach Skip Press), and Hero Organizations (such as Giraffe Heroes). Also, search or submit to other hero databases (such as hero-film/video databases) in the Your Heroes section of TheHeroPlace.

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