StoryCraft New Edition for Screenwriters & Novelists … and for Every Wannabe Story Writer too!

  And a great complement to StoryCraft 10 at The Hero Place!


StoryCraft New Edition is the innovative brainchild of Andre Van Haren, devoted fan of the Jarvis Method, the system of story writing devised by the co-inventor of the original StoryCraft “classic” line of story-creation software, John Jarvis.

This latest re-imagining of the classic program offers writers (and wannabe writers) a dazzling array of stimulating ways of writing stories and developing characters and plots based on the Hero’s Journey. Indeed, it is also a great complement to the story-writing experience provided by StoryCraft 10 at The Hero Place.

This is a standalone program that is designed to run on both Mac and Windows. Text developed within StoryCraft can be exported to your favorite word processor for finishing touches and advanced page formatting.

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See the videos and screenshots below for more details.

StoryCraft Overview


Created by André Van Haren. Narrated by Richard Schletty.
1. Starting a new Story

2. Category and Plot

3. Characters part 1: Creating and Moving Characters

4. Characters part 2: Characters Description 5. Creating Worlds 6. Outlining the Story



Story Section and Story Clock

Characters and Locations

Write Section