StoryCraft at The Hero Place


StoryCraft at The Hero Place is a revolutionary online story-creation program at The Hero Place website – designed specifically for writing any kinds of stories (from short stories to screenplays and novels) – that comes with history’s greatest writing coaches built right into it.
      An expansion of the Classic StoryCraft Program (a standalone program for just $19 — click here instead to order), it also offers users easy access to all the inspiration and features of The Hero Place, a continuously updated repository of knowledge and wisdom about every facet of the hero’s journey – the foundation of the StoryCraft program! Here you will discover and learn all the ways the journey-story pattern can be applied not only to story writing but to every facet of your life. In addition, The Hero Place makes it easy to find and promote heroes and heroism in your community and around the country.
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StoryCraft at The Hero Place is an online story-development software program built right into The Hero Place that gives all the guidance and organizing power needed by professionals as well as wannabe writers to write stories based on the Hero’s Journey, the pattern utilized in the classics, great works of fiction and blockbuster screenplays. In addition, it provides easy access to all the other resources and wisdom of The Hero Place Project, including all its resources for everything to do with Heroes, Heroism, and the Hero’s Journey (via the Portals to Hero Tools, Hero Wisdom, Hero Organizations, and Hero Bios) — and much more!


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