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BioBuilder Bio Templates & More is a great first step to putting your life in perspective and beginning to grasp one of the key parts of your hero journey: putting together a basic biographical sketch of the personal history of your occupation(s), pastimes, projects and/or accomplishments. Useful for promoting yourself in marketing, as speech introductions, as author bios, as About pages, and more, it contains not only a variety of types of interchangeable fill-in-the-blanks bio templates, adaptable for almost any occupations, backgrounds, or interests, but also extensive questionnaires to help you record all the information you’ll need for your bios. The BioBuilder also includes detailed explanations of all the elements of a great bio, along with useful tips for writing your bio. [more]
“…the act of writing a bio is also one of the best things anyone can do for oneself—for one’s psychological well being as well as for professional, social, or familial purposes. You might even say it’s therapeutic, because the process of bio-writing involves self-examination. And if you think your life is pretty dull and unimportant, then you need especially to start answering the questions in the Question section [of the BioBuilder]. You’ll begin to see how all the seemingly minor and trivial experiences of your life—your everyday life—are teaching you lessons and developing skills that employers, friends and family value.”


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