BioBooklet Writing Service

A Life Story Written & Made into a 10-to-50-Page “BioBooklet” —
Honor yourself, a loved one, friend, co-worker, club member, or other important person in your life with our renowned “BioBooklet.” The perfect gift for a special occasion, this is a biography, autobiography, life history, family history, corporate history, team or band history written and custom-designed in booklet form. [more]


To create a BioBooklet  for you, we initially gather information to write the story of your life, or the story of whomever you want to honor — often for a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or other commemorative or memorial event. 

Next, we take the story, combine it with as many photographs as you’d like us to use, write captions, and complete the design of the interior of your 10-to-50 page biography. And then, we design the front and back cover

The entire project normally takes about two weeks, depending upon its complexity. Because of its relatively smaller size than regular books, it is a great way to publish a life story in such a short time — much quicker than would a large, 200-page book take to get written and published.  For while it’s shorter than the traditional life story / autobiography, it has all the information that you’d want to make your biography readable and thorough.

YOUR BioBooklet WILL BE…

   Completely custom-designed to your specific needs, including cover as well as interior.
   We provide you with a Word Document and PDF of the entire booklet, which you can then print out and bind yourself;
   or we can print copies for you — usually either staple-bound or spiral-bound.
   We also create a WebBook version (a virtual, digital book with pages you flip like a real book), which you can view as we work on the project (and afterwards you can grab or link to from anywhere).


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