Norfolk, Virginia: Evolution of A City In Maps


Norfolk, Virginia: Evolution of A City is not only an exquisite guide to Norfolk’s geography through 200 years of maps and other documents but also an excellent guide to the forthcoming multi-volume Encyclopedia of Norfolk Virginia History-Geography.

Showing in stunning detail the phenomenal evolution of one of America’s most historic cities from its beginnings as a town to its current expanse, this “Every Square Inch of Norfolk” book presents an astonishing array of historic Norfolk-area maps spanning 200 years.

Arranged side by side and scaled to identical sizes, the maps make it possible to pinpoint every major change in the city, almost decade by decade. The book utilizes the most important detailed maps ever drawn of the entire city, beginning with the little-known War of 1812 map, the first great map to cover all the areas that make up today’s Norfolk. And if you are reading other books in the Every Square Inch of Norfolk series, then this book is especially indispensible, as the maps in the book serve as the basemaps to which all the other books in the series refer.

Indeed, along with its extensive indexes and penetrating and meticulously researched textual background information, Evolution of A City In Maps is not only ideal for the study of every facet of Norfolk history and geography but also a significant contribution to American geography. (more)


The Every Square Inch of Norfolk Virginia Series

The Every Square Inch of Norfolk Virginia project, which is creating The Encyclopedia of Norfolk Virginia History-Geography, begun in 2003 under the direction of Irwin Berent, is designed to document the geographical history of the entire length and breadth of Norfolk, Virginia, one of America’s most historic cities. The culmination of this ambitious and daunting task is the “Every Square Inch of Norfolk Virginia Series.”

Each book of the “Every Square Inch of Norfolk Virginia Series” covers a different aspect of the history, infrastructure, and people of Norfolk by examining in minute detail the geography of the entirety of the city, as defined by its current bounds. Adopting a philosophy of “historical-geographic egalitarianism,” this series covers not, as most histories of Norfolk have, merely the land that formed the original town and borough – essentially the “downtown” area – but rather also all the land that encompasses the full city limits of the current day: spanning, therefore, from Berkley, Atlantic City, Ghent, Lambert’s Point, and Larchmont to Algonquin Park, Titus Town, Riverview, Benmorreel, Glenwood Park, Sewells Point, the Naval Base, and Mason Creek; from Campostella, Huntersville, Villa Heights, Park Place, and Colonial Place to Cromwell Farm, Ward’s Corner, Monticello Village, and Willoughby Bay; from Brambleton, Roberts Park, Lindenwood, Lafayette Terrace, Winona, and Roland Park to Suburban Park, Monticello Village, Oakwood Park, Lenox, and Ocean View; from Riverside Park, Ingleside, Bowling Park, Ballentine Place, Norview, and Coronado to Chesapeake Manor, Oakwood Park, Forest Park, and Bayview Beach; from River Forest Shores, Easton Place, Fairlawn, and Admiralty Acres to Camden Heights, Camelia Acres, and Little Creek. And those are just a few of the more than 1,000 different subdivisions and geographic landmarks (and farms and plantations that preceded them) that this series covers and that make up the land – the entire land – of Norfolk.

Unlike any other treatment attempted for Norfolk (indeed, perhaps for any other city in the entire U.S.), the “Every Square Inch of Norfolk Virginia Series” covers all the major topics critical to understanding the complete breadth and depth of the geography of the city. Each of the hefty eighteen books in the series uses actual historical examples, both in words and pictures, to illustrate in minute detail one or more of those key defining topics. Each book, therefore, can separately stand alone, as each offers a rich view of some key parts of the city’s history and geography. And taken together, the series offers an extraordinarily comprehensive panorama of that history and geography.


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