Parenting As A Hero’s Journey Involves Raising Children With A New Story to Save the World

Parenting As A Hero’s Journey offers Hero’s Journey Virtual Retreats and publications at their website.

(Note: Their website appears not to have been updated since about 2015.)


“Where are we to turn for insight into our traditional, historical and even evolutionary need for stories to guide our reality? The Parenting As A Hero’s Journey Virtual Retreats and forthcoming publications utilize the iconic Hero’s Journey monomyth, discovered by scholar Joseph Campbell, to explore and elevate our capacity for becoming the author/authority of our own stories. While the Hero’s Journey reflects millennia of ancient wisdom teachings, as Cultural Creatives in the 21st century, we are the New Story. As parents who wish to pioneer a New Story for our children, we are the heroes following a Call to Adventure, setting out on a quest, transforming our consciousness, discovering the elixir of wisdom, and in the end, returning to our ordinary world with our treasures – real treasures, not the hollowed out images in sleek marketing campaigns. The treasures we carry home from our hero’s journey sustains our souls for our lifetimes, and models for our children the amazing reality of a whole human being.”

Click here to access the full article at the website.

The image on their site illustrates their interpretation of parenting as a hero’s journey (click to enlarge):

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