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“The Organizer allows you to produce customized collections of your students’ work or selected content (based on a particular theme or topic) and then publish this index as a Web page that can be accessed anywhere at any time.”
This program was made for educators and leaders of community groups to create personal indices of MY HERO essays, art and films based on a topic, location or theme.
Find thematic pictures, stories, and videos and organize them on one special webpage for your students to view! Click HERE to view examples of Classroom, Theme and Special Event Organizer Pages.
MY HERO is rich with resources on a variety of topics, like Black History Month, Scientists, and Women. Want to take links, images, stories, and film on a topic and organize them all in one spot for your students? Make a Thematic Organizer Page!
Do you want your students to create their own artwork, stories, or films to honor their personal hero? You can use an Organizer Page to collect all of their stories in one page!
First they need to create some content, so follow these steps:
1. Students Register at
2. Students access tools to create and share web tributes, digital art, audio, and/or short films
3. Students include the name of their school/teacher when they register.
4. Teachers can gather all links into one Organizer Page by searching the site for their school.
Voila: your own Organizer Page of your student work!
REMEMBER: all submitted content is first reviewed and then approved by MY HERO staff.
Approved web content is then published online.
Need assistance? Email” From My Hero Educator’s Guide

Examples of webpages created with the Organizer are here (

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