My Hero Website Provides Multiple Ways to Publicize Heroes Through Multi-Media

From: is “an interactive online archive celebrating the best of humanity one story at a time,” divided into Stories, Art, Music, and Films, all submited by their global community. To register for a MyHero Account…

“Create an account to publish your story, art, film or music on MY HERO. Tell your stories, express yourself and share with a global community broadcasting heroism! Tell the world about your heroes! There are several different account types for MY HERO that you should consider using. They will give you access to tools to best use MY HERO resources. MY HERO is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Content shared on MY HERO is used in classrooms around the world to explore the many ways individuals can make a positive difference in the world.
FILMMAKERS, ARTISTS, WRITERS, and MUSICIANS are invited to take part in our online learning community. REGISTER for a “CREATOR ACCOUNT” MY HERO provides you with tools to publish and share online your HERO stories, art, films and music. All rights to work remain property of the artist. MY HERO requests non-exclusive rights to use media for our web site. Click here to gain access to these digital story telling tools.
Teachers get full access to all of our tools and educational resources for free. Create classroom projects and receive a classcode so you can easily administer your groups on our site. Be a bridge to connect many to the very best of humanity. This account requires a short verification / approval process.
Students from around the world share their hero stories on this web site. If you are taking part in MY HERO as part of a class project and have a classcode, you can easily register as a student. Your teacher will be able to view and edit your pages. You will have the ability to leave the class project at anytime or associate with another class.
If you are a home schooler or not affiliated with a class and want to register as a student you can do this as well. Students are invited to become MY HERO Reporters and to return to the site to share their inspiration year after year.
Educational groups, Arts, Science and Human Rights Organizations, leaders of non-profits should register here to promote your quality programming and content with our user base, to connect our multimedia experiences with others, and to collectively raise social awareness and inspire more acts of heroism. Connect good will between your members around the globe by sharing stories, art and films about your good work on MY HERO.”

Check out other powerful hero resources at TheHeroPlace, including Hero Tools (such as StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software), Hero Wisdom (such as that of script-writing coach Skip Press), and Hero Organizations (such as Giraffe Heroes). Also, search or submit to other hero databases (such as hero-film/video databases) in the Your Heroes section of TheHeroPlace.

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