My Hero Offers Guidance for Publishing Online Tribute to Your Hero


You can submit stories of your heroes to MyHero.

“Writers of all ages can publish online tributes to heroes from all walks of life using the MY HERO Create program. This program provides a user-friendly introduction to Web technology and allows great flexibility as writers can access their hero stories from any computer with an Internet connection. At any time, you may save your work and return to it later.
The registration page asks for relevant information from Creators, Teachers, Students and Organizations/Partners, such as name, location and email address. This information will not be given to any third party. Students may use a school contact or email address, rather than their own, in the requested field.
Fill in the Title and Hero Category and then begin writing your story. Add suggested page tags/descriptions for your page. Make sure it is appropriate for all ages, does not promote hatred or violence and that your sources have been properly credited to avoid plagiarism. Work will be
returned if it does not fulfill these guidelines. You are welcome to re-submit your work if you have made the changes required.
Remember: MY HERO’s mission is to celebrate the best of humanity!
Add images to your page by following the steps provided. If your images are from another source, please make sure to provide the credit line for each image so that we can display it publicly. Fill in your name and your location. Optionally, you can customize your page by adding various details.
You can save your story for another time to edit – or click Save and Finish Later and check your profile and to revise or edit your webpage. Finally, Preview your page before submitting it for approval.
        Be sure to “SUBMIT” your finished work. All “submitted” stories are reviewed by MY HERO editors before they are activated for public viewing. If you included an email address when you registered to create a Webpage, you will receive an automated email notifying you that your story has been activated. If you do not receive one, please check online for your story. Sometimes, the email address has been entered incorrectly. You may also contact MY HERO.
        Activated stories can be found by searching the MY HERO database by name, keyword or organization. Teachers can locate their students’ work by ch”

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