Moral Heroes is an Online Archives of Inspirational Men and Women
“Inspiration for the Hero inside of you”


        “ is an ever-growing archive of inspirational men and women throughout our history that have sacrificed for the betterment of others physically, socially, politically, economically, or environmentally.

        These acknowledged and unsung heroes have intentionally sacrificed their social standing and location, political or economic gains, or even given their own lives for others.

        They are highlighted here to remind, encourage and inspire those of us who follow.”

Check out other powerful hero resources at TheHeroPlace, including Hero Tools (such as StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software) and Hero Wisdom (such as that of script-writing coach Skip Press) as well as other Hero Organizations (such as the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes). Also, search or submit to hero databases (such as hero-story databases) from around the Internet in the Your Heroes section of TheHeroPlace.

Help us maintain, improve, and expand this and other posts in TheHeroPlace.  Contact us today to add to our unique resource for “All Things Hero!”

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