EigenWorks Shows Business People How to Use the Hero’s Journey to Understand Customers

Eigenworks is a business-consulting firm that shows business people how to use the Hero’s Journey to understand customers.

From: https://www.eigenworks.com/introduction-to-the-buyer-as-hero/
“What we take from the Hero’s Journey, developed by American writer Joseph Campbell, is that fundamental change necessitates heroic behavior. It requires a hero, and it requires allies. And it involves a lot of difficulty when organizations resist change. We can put a lot of business terms around that, like stakeholders, value propositions, and so on. But ultimately it’s the Hero’s Journey, and it helps us tap into the human psyche better than any objective measure…. View your customer as someone partaking on a new adventure or quest.”

Click here to access the full article at the eigenworks.com website. The article also includes circular images reflecting their interpretation of the hero’s journey cycle. See other circular images in Journey Circles at our Hero Tools section.

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