Corporate Filmmaking with the Hero’s Journey

Dare Dreamer Magazine presents “Applying ‘The Hero’s Journey’ Can Improve Your Corporate & Event Filmmaking,” explaining the use of the Hero’s Journey concept to “help you as an event or corporate filmmaker…by giving you a framework by which you can recognize the equivalent roles in the stories you’re telling, then construct the film you’re making in a similar fashion.” The article uses as an illustration the author’s trip to Kolkata, India “to film a mission trip for one of my clients, Peachtree Presbyterian Church. They support Mahima, an after-care home for girls rescued from sex trafficking. Every year they send a handful of church volunteers to Mahima to meet the girls, hear their stories, see their transformed lives, and get a first-hand look at the need. A few years ago I produced a short film for Peachtree where I highlighted a then high school student that attended the trip and how that trip affected her (she’s actually gone twice). This year was the first time her parents went, and it was there I found my hero’s journey story…”

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