Cheetaah Book-Publishing Software is the Luxury Edition of Wizards For Word Book-Writing Software

Cheetaah Book-Publishing Software is the luxury version of Wizards For Word Book-Writing Software. Both versions are purchasable at our Hero Wisdom Store shop.

Wizard “Cheetaah” Software gives you the tools to get published…fast. And that means expressing your heroic writing that much quicker! Whether you’re starting with a blank paper or you’ve completed your first draft, you need Cheetaah For Writers. (By the way, Cheetaah is spelled with two a’s because the kitty says ‘aah’ when she’s done.)

This writing software gives you three paths to publication: the traditional path through a literary agent and publisher, the Print on Demand self-publishing route, or ebook self-publishing to help start covering costs immediately through internet marketing.

In addition to all the features contained in the standard Wizards For Word Software, Cheetaah also contains added features, including the following:

Cheetaah Book-Publishing Software is available at… Our Shop at The Hero Wisdom Store

Cheetaah Software works on all Windows or MAC systems.

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