Irwin Berent is the creator of The Hero Place and co-designer of StoryCraft Software, the writer's software that allows you to write your own hero story, book, novel, or screenplay. He is also chief writer/consultant for, helping people of all backgrounds and occupations tell their stories in short biography. In addition to his devotion to promoting the hero in us all, Irwin is the author of numerous books, including The Right Words; The Quotable Conservative; Drug Legalization; Norfolk, Virginia: Evolution of A City in Maps; Crewmen of the U.S.S. Monitor, etc.; founder of the Plain Writing Association; CEO of Norfolk History Publishers; and webmaster of numerous websites.

Screenwriting Coach Skip Press Utilizes Hero’s Journey in Story Creation

Skip Press, Screenwriting/Literary Coach and Mentor

Skip Press has coached and been mentor to thousands of wannabe and professional screenwriters, and he utilizes the Hero’s Journey in his work. He has also written several screenplays as well as authored best-selling books on screewriting and writing generally, including How to Write What You Want and Sell What You Write.

I’ve known Skip over the years, and he was an early advocate of our StoryCraft Software program and supporter of John Jarvis’s Jarvis Method, which incorporates the Hero’s Journey and is the basis for StoryCraft.

Skip offers the following services:

Contact Skip using the following email address: skip at skippress dot com

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BioBuilder Templates & More

BioBuilder Bio Templates & More, available at Our Shop at The Hero Wisdom Store, is a great first step to putting your life in perspective and beginning to grasp one of the key parts of your hero journey: putting together a basic biographical sketch of the personal history of your occupation(s), pastimes, projects and/or accomplishments.


BioBuilder is available at… Our Shop at The Hero Wisdom Store

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StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software

Write Stories Based on the Hero’s Journey with StoryCraft Classic Software

storycraStoryCraft is a line of software that allows you to utilize the hero’s journey theme to write any kind of story, whether for publication or just self-expression. perhaps to communicate an idea or even resolve traumas and other life issues. A story-creation program that comes with history’s greatest writing coaches built right into it, StoryCraft is designed specifically for guiding writers – and non-writers – through the entire process of writing complete stories, from short stories to screenplays and novels.
Along with the writing guru John Jarvis, I helped design StoryCraft in 1996, and through all its versions right up to the present day, it remains one of the most respected story-writing software programs on the market. The software utilizes the Hero’s Journey concept, which Mr. Jarvis incorporated and adapted into the “Jarvis Method,” to allow anyone to create a story, biography, novel or screenplay. (My work with Mr. Jarvis on different versions of StoryCraft over the past 20 years is a big part of what inspired me to create this Hero Wisdom Store and to promote the many ways that people can improve their lives through the prism of the hero’s journey.)
Beginning with the story idea, the software guides you through each step of conceiving, developing and writing your story. And because it utilizes the hero’s journey archetypes common to all great stories and myths, it is ideal for expressing every kind of story, be it fantasy and adventures, love stories, coming of age stories, revenge stories, mysteries, and even stories based on your own life experience.

StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software is available at… Our Shop at The Hero Wisdom Store

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About the Creator of StoryCraft, John Jarvis, who incorporated the Hero’s Journey into the story-creation process known as the Jarvis Method

StoryCraft Hero-Story Writing Software is available at… Our Shop at The Hero Wisdom Store

StoryCraft works on all Windows or MAC systems.

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